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Individual Psychotherapy

What does therapy look like?  It looks at first like a conversation with someone who listens and is attuned to what your needs are.  I might ask you to write things down that are said in the session, focus on body sensations, emotions, images and meaning.  We may use movement and breath to support coherence and tolerance to stress.  Whether you are coming for depression, anxiety, grief, trauma or addiction, when you are ready we begin planning how to live out the insights that emerge in the therapy setting. Foremost, this process is about you.

Mental Health

Mental health problems take many forms.  Addressing the symptoms (eg. feeling down, thoughts of suicide or self harm, having a sense of impending doom, feeling scared or lost, flashbacks, nightmares, addictions), personality disorders) with a trained psychologist is one very effective way to create change your life. 

Let's Chat

Send me a message to ask any questions, concerns or if you want to see if we would be a good fit, I am all ears.

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