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Group Psychotherapy

I have created and facilitated groups for men recovery from sex addiction, substance abuse, grief and loss.  I created and facilitated an introductory group for clients with trauma from a Somatic Experiencing TM perspective.

I worked in group therapy settings for addictions for the first 7 years of my career.  The group provides opportunities for connection, accountability, and discovery.  I have seen people gain traction in their recovery plans through participating in a group that they couldn’t achieve with individual therapy alone.


I offer men’s sex addiction recovery therapy groups based to a large extent on the Patrick Carnes Task Model TM.  The two groups are the Facing the Shadow group for men in early recovery or who are looking to address the foundations of addiction recovery and The Recovery Zone group that focuses on establishing long term recovery.  The focus moves from getting and staying sober to tasks that involve repairing relationships (partner sensitivity), healing trauma and establishing a path into a meaningful life. 

Let's Chat

Send me a message to ask any questions, concerns or if you want to see if we would be a good fit, I am all ears.

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